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Introducing AvinityAlive

Our goal is to make the world a better place, by enhancing people's lives and improving workplace culture. AvinityAliveis a web-based platform that aligns company visions with personal values to drive employee engagement.

AvinityAlive offers a fresh approach to employee engagement; improving workplace culture by connecting organisations with the people that matter most. It’s a fun and collaborative way to drive change from the bottom up! Co-created and co-owned by employees, AvinityAlive adopts the basic principles of human nature - giving and receiving.

AvinityAlive is a Time Bank; a web-based platform that encourages sharing that most precious commodity - “Time”. Recognition is driven by 5 key elements of employee engagement, all focused on achieving positive behaviour change. The time based commitment encourages collaboration and reinforces a sustainable company culture.

Designed for a new millennium

  •   Addresses the needs of the current and new millennial workforce
      Enables HR departments to create and drive a culture based engagement framework
      Encourages a more ethical and community based approach to engagement
      Promotes health and wellbeing, both at work and at home
      Create a workplace culture that marries organisational visions and values with personal beliefs and interests

    AvinityAlive is designed to bring out the best in everyone. Challenges are set to enhance lifestyle, wellbeing and innovation. Whether its cycling to work, volunteering or suggesting a new efficient process, TIME is awarded. These types of actions build stronger working relationships,and over time, improve company culture.

  • AvinityAlive is unique as it rewards success with time. Time that the employee can trade in for up to 5 day’s additional leave.

    Time is accrued by individuals for:   Completing personal challenges
      Being recognised by colleagues for their great work
      By demonstrating desired values and behaviours
      Suggesting ideas that either streamline existing process or drive positive outcomes
      Adopting a more thoughtful, healthier and active lifestyle

    Time is redeemed within the TimeBank once 24 hours has been accumulated per category by each individual within their team. A congratulations message will be automatically sent to each team member informing them that they are able to redeem their time – either 2 half days or a whole day. The relevant digital certificate is emailed to the employee which is presented to their line manager who is required to approve the days off requested.

  • AvinityAlive actively promotes collaboration and encourages people to become more involved within their communities, both at home and at work, by communicating and aligning company values and behaviours and simultaneously, encouraging them to be more thoughtful, healthy and environmentally aware.

    The AvinityAlive engagement framework is made up of 5 main categories - Share, Sustain, Wellbeing, Innovate, Recognise

    To start with, individuals are encouraged to form teams – between 2 and 7 people. Employees are credited with 24 hours in the Recognise and Innovate categories to use to award colleagues with time for their great work or ideas. Each month 120 minutes is credited to both the ‘Recognise’ and ‘Innovate’ categories per employee who use it to award colleagues for their great work and their ideas.

    Time is accumulated in the Recognise and Innovate categories by being recognised by other colleagues for great work, demonstrating company values and for great ideas respectively. Time is accumulated in the remaining categories Share, Sustain and Wellbeing by selecting and completing multiple challenges. The categories Share, Sustain and Wellbeing each contain AvinityAlive challenges. Each challenge carries a set amount of time that is accumulated by the employee on completion of the challenge. Confirmation of a challenge is posted on the TimeWall and/ or the employee can upload images showing confirmation.

    Individuals are required to accumulate 24 hours (1440 minutes) per category. Once a category has been completed, Team members can trade in their 24 hours for either 2 half days or a whole day off.

    Time is redeemed within the RewardBank for a digital certificate which the employee emails to their line manager for approval. The line manager dashboard displays team activities and who is taking time off and when. The employee can take up to 5 days off, a day for each category completed.

    All employee actions are communicated and displayed on the TimeWall i.e. Challenges completed (images and videos), ideas posted, values and behaviours demonstrated by individuals together with general comments. Community projects can posted to the TimeWall and time awarded by colleagues. Individuals are also able to get involved in any project posted on the TimeWall.

    Time awards for ideas (Innovate) and great work (Recognise), can be given in 15 min chunks, up to 1 hour per project/ idea per individual. This award will be decided on per company.

A holistic approach to engagement

Random acts of kindness help make the world a better place and improves the lives of others

Providing employees with an opportunity to suggest ideas, can present creative, intelligent solutions to everyday issues

Taking responsibly for your work and personal environment, benefits the world we live in

Motivate and appreciate your peers by recognising their good work

Motivate and appreciate your peers by recognising their good work

Key Benefits

  Make individuals better, more aware of other people, the environment and their wellbeing.
  Creates a sustainable, healthy culture driven by the employees.
  Aligns company visions with employee values on a single platform.
  Offering flexible working and experiences demanded by the new generation
  Drive company CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by encouraging a more ethical and community based approach
  Promote health and wellbeing, both at work and at home
  Recognise success with additional time off

And here's the best bit- it requires little or no budget

100% Engagement = Zero Cost


The TimeBank allows you to keep track of your team’s progress across each of the 5 categories. Time is accumulated on challenge achievements, ideas submitted and demonstrating company values.


Once 24 hours has been achieved in a category, you can trade it in for time - either half or full days.

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